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The program for the account of the goods.

Our company is a leader in the Far East in the field of Internet technologies. Already 6 years we have been supplying quality programs under the orders some individuals and organizations. One such program Trade - Manage Products.

The program is easy to cope with your problem accounting item, the calculation of costs and Vaschey profit. The program is easy to use and available to the public, ie, the program can be installed on the local computer, and put on the Internet. This is the most effective solution for your departures anywhere.

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- The arrival of the goods;

- Consumption of goods;

- Calculation of the balance of the goods;

- Calculated numbers of the total number of products in stock, their income and expenditure;

- Sort list items by name, date of arrival in the warehouse, the residue;

- Formation of the act to write off at the end of each month.
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