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The program is a File Microsoft Office Exsel 2003.

1) On a piece of data entering their data and of the counterparty.

2) On a sheet of an invoice type products, price and specify% VAT.

3) You are ready lists of invoices and certificate of completion. Print.

The archive file only Microsoft Office Excel 2003-2007 (xls).

To complete the work necessary to enable the macros:

For Microsoft Office Excel 2003 sledat following:

1) Start Microsoft Office Excel 2003

2) Tools-> Makros-> Security.

3) Put a tick "Average ..." or "Low ..."

4) When you run the file to allow macros.

For Microsoft Office Excel 2007 sledat following:

1) in the security settings allow macros.

2) When you run the file to allow macros.

The efficiency of other office programs, different from Microsoft Office Excel 2003-2007, is not guaranteed.
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