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Light tale about the stars, planets and a little introduction to astronomy. Great for kids, but it will be interesting and older.
Perhaps you when you grow up, I think, become astronomers or astrologers.

This story will be of interest to you if, firstly, you will read it with their parents, and, secondly, armed with any astronomical atlas that will help you learn more about a variety of planets, stars, luminaries.

The atlas you'll find a lot of useful and interesting information.

And yet armed with brushes, paints or markers with a pencil and draw a story to each picture.

One day, I was walking through the park at night, suddenly I found a pile of letters. Opening it, I found a very interesting inside stories with which I want to introduce you, too.

Reading them, I thought, to whom they may be useful

And I remember that in fact on our large and vast planet earth live special people, although they are still very, very small, do not know as much as adults, but such clever and, most importantly, very much want to be like adults.

Is that you, our dear and beloved children! And I realized that these stories are very useful to you in your long life on the road of Knowledge!

Good luck, pioneers!

In this book, I introduce you to interesting characters named Sunny, Hole, the beautiful Venus, Marsik, smart boy Merkurik, merry Yupiterchik Saturn - a hermit who lives on the hill of the mountain, a programmer Uranchik, magician Neptune and Pluto bully.

Let's get acquainted with them more. They are waiting for you ...