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Even at rush hour on Nevsky Prospekt in the brightest, most picturesque

the crowd you will certainly notice my hero. It would seem quite ordinary

boy in a modest denim suit, tall, strong, rosy boy

What is now a thousand; teenager on the verge of young people, modest and quiet

boy, but something he definitely stop your mind, and you even more

The second is to look after him.

Do gait, eyes see, there shot up by a gust of wind Neva

hair, any fleeting, but boy, this will remind you of something

mysterious and hidden from your own life, you do what you do,

perhaps never experienced, but what maybe you've read, or

dreaming, or what you have seen in a dream - a word, you immediately realize that the past

You took the hero of the adventure books.

Full name of the boy - Gennady E. Stratofontov.

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