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Program Service Center is designed to automate ordering repair cell phones. The program automates the input and output documentation accompanying the ordering process. At any time, you can get a variety of information about the process of implementation or delivery order. To do this, the user can specify parametric queries to the database, and display the results in the form of reports and pivot tables.

In addition to an order for the repair of cellular phones, the program allows you to calculate the salary of masters and bring sootvetvuyuschie statements for each master or for all masters. When buying two or more copies of the software, you can easily organize the network work programs. To do this, you just need to connect all of the applications to a common database. The connection is made using a special form of connection. Thus, it becomes possible to multiuser work. The main mode of operation of the program - an interactive, in which the user is working with the base, using the forms, entering data into the appropriate fields and get the results in the form of reports Access. The program is implemented separation of access rights to the database. For example, managers can only enter basic information about the order, but can not see the data on wages of masters and bring sottvetsvuyuschie financial statements. Masters, in turn, can not change the basic data of the order, only contribute to repair the phone.
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