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Automatic recognition of the purpose of payment of payment orders and record the amounts of different rates of VAT paid in deciphering bills payment.

This development will interest accountant who is not accustomed to the convenience of saving their work and understand that any error resulting from fatigue or congestion, can cost much more than the purchase comfortable, working tool to avoid errors and save time.

It used of 1C Enterprise 8.1

Accounting firm working with the goods at different rates of VAT, one inevitably faced with the task of hand-binding documents platezhek implementation and breakdown of the payment amount at the rate of VAT, in proportion to the overhead. Given that the buyer can pay several documents, the task correctly reflect the payment amount and the VAT payment becomes quite laborious, requiring greater attention. Often in the payment the client can list the numbers of the bills, which carries out the payment.

Our processing - is an editor for payment orders, with advanced functionality. Processing allows you to identify listed in the payment of the payment order numbers of consumables overhead, show the overall amount of overhead for each rate of VAT invoices, and then burn them to a table of decoding the payment of the payment order, even if the purpose of the payment were given only the last digits (no zeros and prefix) numbers expense receipts.

This development offers to minimize manual labor and automated calculation and recording calculated amounts in the order for payment of VAT at the rate of expense receipts. Search overhead can be performed manually or automatically, according to the purpose of the payment of the payment order. With a sufficient amount of payments processing would be useful in their daily work accountant.

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