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Hygienic requirements for personal computers and organization of work

Sanitary rules apply throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and establish sanitary and epidemiological requirements for personal-computer (PC) and working conditions.

Requirements of sanitary rules aimed at preventing adverse effects on human health hazards of the working environment and work process while working with the PC.

These Sanitary Rules define the sanitary and epidemiological requirements to:

- Design, construction and operation of the domestic PC used in the production, in training, in the home, in slot machines based on PC;

- Operation of imported PC used in the workplace, in education, in everyday life and in the game complex (machines) on the basis of the PC;

- Design, construction and reconstruction of areas intended for the operation of all types of personal computers, industrial equipment, and gaming systems (machines) on the basis of the PC;

- The organization of workplaces with PC, industrial equipment, and gaming systems (machines) on the basis of the PC.

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