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Activation of a shared account with licensed games for playing from your personal account and instructions.
- Support Only Russian Language ;

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- Cashback 5 percent for a positive review, a huge plus in karma, plus a thousand, to all your characteristics 😅;
- Permanent cumulative discount of 5 percent, immediately after the first purchase;
- Great mood from a great game;

- Support Only Russian Language ;
- The funds you have paid cannot be returned once you have activated your account, because... This is a digital product;
- Without the Internet, games will not launch;
- We are not responsible for goods that do not work through no fault of ours;
❗ Prohibited: ❗
- Any modifications and changes to accounts;
- Playing from this account and using it to play in the background, it only serves to activate and download games, play from your personal account;
- Purchasing any account subscriptions;
- Transfer and resale of account;
- Using your account on any sites and devices except your one Xbox;

- Support works from approximately 12 noon to 20 "-" pm, Moscow time. Sunday - may be a day off;
- Personal account, there are all your purchases, detailed instructions, correspondence with the seller and gift cards;
- Warranty 3 months from the date of purchase, subject to the rules of use. If you delete your account, then activation again will be paid.
20.02.2024 18:37:45
Очень хороший продавец объяснил все как надо
07.02.2024 0:16:14
Удивлён что у меня получилось))) смотрите видеоинструкцию
14.11.2023 21:34:25
Акк берется на 3 месяца перед покупкой в описании этого не было , не буду портить настрой , так как 3 месяца акк работал , совет продавцу написать нормально о товаре )
29.09.2023 21:00:32
Все работает!!!
28.09.2023 21:02:29
Хороший продавец не обманул 10/10